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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Contribution of content in SEO - Review

Content writing jobs are scattering with each day. There are so many ads placed online that sometimes it seems the world has started following the craze of just adding more and more content. Today, we are going to talk about the changing role of content in SEO or search engine optimization. We will look at the historic perspective, changes, and the future of content writing and its affect on SEO.

Historic perspective of content writing and SEO

When internet started becoming a thing of masses, ecommerce started kicking in. The only criteria for search engines were to find sites with the keywords related to the user queries. Many people start taking the wrong advantage of this situation as they blindly added more and more keywords so more and more people can just join them or buy from them or utilize their products or services. Then search engines thinking of the search results quality getting affected, switched to the approach of prioritizing those sites which had content as well.

The new content writing era and the impact on search engines

The content era lead to the content farming where people would just re-write content and get higher search engine rankings. This again was a problem because then people started keyword stuffing which meant a lot of the desired word to be found online was put in a content so search engines results could be affected. This was also a very hazardous thing for search engine results but it kept on going. Until the spammers revolutionized their ways of doing things by introducing the article spinning software that altogether changed the equation of the search engine optimization. This lead to further frustration as now search engines had been left with no option but to reconsider including those sites that had heavily stuffed in keywords rather than offering anything valuable for the readers.

How future content writers can affect the SEO?

With the problems arising out of content spinning and content farming, search engines have upgraded their tactics to take care of those sites which have been involved in content farming or which do not have any quality content to offer. A lot of websites in the recent months and even days have seen their rankings dropped from the search engine results. Some of the extreme cases have even been sand boxed by major search engines. This has also changed the content writer’s role. Now content writers can’t just keep on stuffing keywords without offering any valuable content to users. Even synonymous keyword stuffing like different keywords with the same meaning is also being frowned upon by search engine bots. Now content has to be accurate, updated, and to the point. The future of content writing is very bright if the content writers put in their real and heart soul to their job. Companies with bigger profiles and dependent on websites for earning should quickly rethink their strategy and realign themselves accordingly because unless they are able to understand the future requirements of search engines there remains no chance that they will ever be able to come up again.

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