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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Contribution of content in SEO - Review

Content writing jobs are scattering with each day. There are so many ads placed online that sometimes it seems the world has started following the craze of just adding more and more content. Today, we are going to talk about the changing role of content in SEO or search engine optimization. We will look at the historic perspective, changes, and the future of content writing and its affect on SEO.

Historic perspective of content writing and SEO

When internet started becoming a thing of masses, ecommerce started kicking in. The only criteria for search engines were to find sites with the keywords related to the user queries. Many people start taking the wrong advantage of this situation as they blindly added more and more keywords so more and more people can just join them or buy from them or utilize their products or services. Then search engines thinking of the search results quality getting affected, switched to the approach of prioritizing those sites which had content as well.

The new content writing era and the impact on search engines

The content era lead to the content farming where people would just re-write content and get higher search engine rankings. This again was a problem because then people started keyword stuffing which meant a lot of the desired word to be found online was put in a content so search engines results could be affected. This was also a very hazardous thing for search engine results but it kept on going. Until the spammers revolutionized their ways of doing things by introducing the article spinning software that altogether changed the equation of the search engine optimization. This lead to further frustration as now search engines had been left with no option but to reconsider including those sites that had heavily stuffed in keywords rather than offering anything valuable for the readers.

How future content writers can affect the SEO?

With the problems arising out of content spinning and content farming, search engines have upgraded their tactics to take care of those sites which have been involved in content farming or which do not have any quality content to offer. A lot of websites in the recent months and even days have seen their rankings dropped from the search engine results. Some of the extreme cases have even been sand boxed by major search engines. This has also changed the content writer’s role. Now content writers can’t just keep on stuffing keywords without offering any valuable content to users. Even synonymous keyword stuffing like different keywords with the same meaning is also being frowned upon by search engine bots. Now content has to be accurate, updated, and to the point. The future of content writing is very bright if the content writers put in their real and heart soul to their job. Companies with bigger profiles and dependent on websites for earning should quickly rethink their strategy and realign themselves accordingly because unless they are able to understand the future requirements of search engines there remains no chance that they will ever be able to come up again.

James a technology enthusiast who runs his own internet technology blog and regularly posts content writing jobs

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Onsite page optimization - Tips & Tricks

SEO is something that you need to learn and implement. There is no short cut to learning SEO, but it is all worth the effort. Today, we are going to look at the different aspects of on site page optimization SEO. Lets see what these factors are and how they can be deployed for effective SEO.

Content optimization
Everyone says that content is king. In olden days of content writing, people would say that just stuff in the keywords and you will get higher search engine results. But eventually that approach had to be left because it seriously compromised on the quality of content offered to the readers. Now, content has to be relevant, current, interesting, and to the point. As the time frame available for net browsing is shrinking, people need to the point and best information instead of wasting time on useless things.

Search engine focus
Search Engines have also changed the way they looked at websites. Now user experience has becoming a key focus of search engines when analyzing a website. Search engines want to rate those websites higher, which have better layout, navigation, loading speed, and all other important characteristics that deliver a fully packaged user experience. The better a website will deliver its content, more will be its chances to show up higher in search rankings.

Keyword usage
Keywords have never been out of focus for search engines. They are and will always likely to be at the heart of search engines finding mechanism. The concept of co-occurrence has overshadowed content writing. You need to use variants of the same keyword. Like, for example, if you are talking about a dog, you can talk about the different terminologies used like dog breed, training, and other different things which let the search engine know that you are talking about a particular thing. This way you will not only have good user reading experience but you will also be able to increase your search engine visibility.

HTML tags optimization
Meta tags and other important HTML tags play a very important role in letting the search engines know what a page is all about. For example the alt image tag that is used to tell search engines what an image is all about can help a search engine land at your website because it was not able to find thatan image elsewhere. But be aware of those nasty tactics that people use to contaminate the concept of using alt and other HTML tags. Relevancy of the page to the content should be visible in the HTML tags as well otherwise you can be penalized or even sand boxed if you don't abide by the search engine rules.

Header tags
Header tags seem to be something that still have their importance carried even from the older days of search engine. H1, H2 and H3 tags are still considered important. Some people try to put keywords in header tags. This can be SEO result yielding practice but over usage can bring you a lot of trouble. Please use header tags when they really suit and best match. If you really want header tags to have keywords, try to make the headings a lot more descriptive so they gel in well.

Internal linking
Internal linking can be seen everywhere. You go to any successful website or blog and you will definitely links of the same website in its own pages. But that has to be understood again! Don't try to fall in love with internal linking if you don't know what the whole idea is about. Today SEO has become a real challenge because people just don't know that they have to change their approach. Internal linking is suppose to find a user more related information instead of just SEO. Don't you think that now its the user experience that counts the most. The biggest hurdle for old school SEO technique gurus is to switch themselves to a new mind set of quality and user experience. And internal linking is one such thing that needs a serious consideration in that regard.

Directory submissions
Someone might argue that how can it be on site page optimization but when you peep in closely, you would know that when you submit your details to other directories, your information should best represent the content, title, keywords and all other things that reside on your website. Without being able to relate your SEO submissions to your website, you will get rejected in good directories and even if you are accepted, you might fall into some list of unrelated websites where your site's link does not belong to. The best practice is to stick to the golden rule of relevance. You can also get some help by seeing the already submitted sites or getting some consultancy (if that is really needed in the first place) from a trusted SEO expert to fit in the right keywords that truly represent your site's content so search engines as well as users are able to find what they originally came in for.

James is a technology enthusiast who blogs at Web Trend Forum Blog an internet technology blog and also posts Content writing jobs on regular basis. He has years of SEO consultancy experience and helps build sites that just grow organically in terms of SEO and deliver best user site experience.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google's changing algo - Giving a new dimesion to SEO

As the spammers have started changing gears, so has Google (the search engine giant) started striving harder to provide even higher quality results to its users. This response is not to the old and time test methods of spamming but in fact it covers the topic of content farms. People have started making content farms, increasing their site rankings by link these farms later on. Matt Cutts just mentioned that this time Google would take into account a lot of factors instead of just few factors, which would make the analysis would be even more comprehensive.
Google has also taken notice of the sites showing up in top results without any original content in it. This might include in the near future the re-writing trend which has been a real upsetting thing for the original content writers who just hate re-written content. This also means for me that the demands of the employers for announcing new content writing jobs will get more strict as they would want higher quality content that doesn't look like re-written content from any angle to a search engine. Well many people say that these are just temporary steps and spammers will upgraded themselves. But being a content writer and genuine believer in providing original content to the readers, i strongly support this step by Google and sincerely hope that it brings a new trend where spammers start realizing the fact that they can't cheat the engine any more and if they have to compete, they will have to go by the fair way to succeed.
James is an avid writer and runs an internet technology blog as well at Web Trend Forum Blog

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Future of internet marketing

Businesses as well individuals not familiar with internet were reluctant to embrace the internet technology because of ignorance about its benefits. However, there are millions of websites online and millions added every month now. From setting up an internet technology blog to making discussion forums and establishing social contacts, internet marketing has made its way into every business. Today we are going to talk about the future of internet marketing. Why the future of internet marketing is so bright? We will discuss here reasons that are valid and not just any gibberish re-written from just another blog.
  1. The number of internet users grow by millions in month, which show how eager people are to learn and implement internet into their lives.
  2. Use of internet makes things easy and cost effective. Forming a facebook group of your local businessmen in your country is much more efficient then going to each one of them physically and carrying out a business meeting.
  3. Individuals are under the increasing pressure of the world's new economic system called capitalism, which means more cost savings, less money spent on traveling, and contact more people through internet only.
  4. Effectiveness of internet as a medium has also grown beyond proportion. In olden days, less people used internet, so marketing through internet wasn't really effective but now it is the other way around and no matter how small or less educated your surroundings may be but you do take your local Google's help to search your local pages on a particular item.
  5. Businesses who are the potential customers of internet marketing have realized throughout the world that internet is by far the most superior means of reaching so many people with so little money, so local businesses are using internet marketing more to their benefits.
  6. Availability of internet on mobile phones is also a key consideration because eventually what counts is the accessibility. With cell phones people can get better interaction with each other even on the move making them stay connected for longer periods of time, that further enhances the efficacy of internet marketing.
  7. Lastly and very importantly availability of websites in local languages has played a very important role in internet marketing expansion. Around the world thousands of languages are spoken, but the most representative languages of any region are included on internet which means non English speaking people also come on internet and share their wealth of knowledge and information without the need to learn English first.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Future of content writing jobs

More and more people are trying to find content writing jobs. They just think that there are more content writing jobs? Or there really exist more content writing jobs? Well the matter of the fact is that there do exist a lot of content writing jobs. Why? There is no one line simple answer to that. However the role of content writers in bringing a site up has been increasing. Content writing software has also been built to spin software or do stuff that would help people create good quality content on the fly but this is not the reality in fact. Content writing is not just re-writing. The job of content writer is much more difficult then what ordinary people think. For example, if a content writer has to submit a guest post, he will have to think, what the blog owner will accept as the content. How will he accommodate the text links of the company for which he is working.? Will the content be accepted or rejected. Then amongst all the most difficult part is the keywords. A true content writer always knows that his worst enemies are keywords. In seo, keywords play a very important role. But for a content writer, managing keywords is a real challenge. He has to take into consideration many things simultaneously.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Importance of content writing jobs in SEO

There are many important aspects when you are doing the search engine optimization part. There are many times when you are taken off guard by new things. One such thing has been the often change in the algorithms of search engines that have long term and high cost consequences for the web masters. The important of quality content has been further focused on as a lot of sites have seen their rankings tumbling downward in a spiral. Content writing has been an important aspect of the new search engine optimization. If you are a content writer or blogger, you will be knowing that writing fresh content suddenly jumps the ranks and if keep on adding new and fresh content to your site, that would mean further jumps to your rankings. The sad part is that fewer people realize that adding content is not all that easy. You have to be really careful as the newer standards of search engines make them much wiser in terms of weighing the quality of the content that you post. If you have the money then you can announce content writing jobs for your blog and get excellent quality content on your site. However, if you really don't have that much money, or you can do quality content writing yourself then nothing like it. But in short, for a long term seo strategy to succeed, you won't be able to do much with consistently writing good content on your site.

Significance of Social Networking in Online Businesses

Online social networking activities are quite popular nowadays for several purposes as people use social networking circle for getting hooked up with someone, for important announcements and getting in touch with each other. Internet is attached with almost every aspect of our life then how comes it possible that we can not use it for entrepreneur purpose. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Delicious are powerful source to support online businesses in internet marketing of any size that are looking for potential customers and developing personal connections.

What is social networking? At the spot you may think, it is way to meet people of similar interests or purposes, it is true to some extent. Because, in today’s world, it has become a significant tool of growth for online businesses. Companies and businesses which fall in the same categories gets together to strengthen their businesses with each other’s help. If you are attached with any kind of business and want to do successful internet marketing, you must understand the importance of targeted audience, social networking websites help online businesses to extract targeted traffic for their business. Several methods are developed now to use it for business purpose. It completely depends upon an online business how it utilizes the power of social networking for their internet marketing advantage.

First of all advantage is that social networking sites are powerful marketing tools, because, these websites address multi million people at a time. A good internet marketer can develop an online marketing campaign for online business and earn several dollars from here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Selecting your Valentines Gift Online – New Revenue Source for Online Business

Valentines Day is a wonderful moment for people and loved ones to express love and care to their closed ones. People choose to express their heartily feelings in the form of gifts to draw joy, happiness, smiles and laughter. When it comes to talk about gifts, it means business and for Valentines Day celebration online services are available for consumers to buy gifts at one platform.

Online businesses who will cater this moment very smartly and swiftly will gain as much revenues as they dreamt to generate in off season. Since the technology has advanced itself beyond the horizons, buying and selling gift items via online gift stores and websites are the best medium to get the gifts from.

A variety of gifts are available from which a customer may select and book them to send to heir loved ones. It wasn’t so easy before until online businesses have realized the importance of selling their products online by simple clicks. To market their products online businesses are implementing internet marketing strategies to make their products and services more attractive than the competitors. Keeping yourself updated with the novel and attractive product line is also an important factor for this upcoming Valentines Day and marketing your products and services is to be massive before the arrival of the event.
Providing easy click to click assess and easy navigation within the Valentines day gifts category is what should be the core concept of every online business at this very moment because in near days there will be a huge tsunami of visitors and buyers who will be looking for the Valentines Day gifts for their loved ones to be sent very easily from a online business store anywhere in the world.

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