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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Google's changing algo - Giving a new dimesion to SEO

As the spammers have started changing gears, so has Google (the search engine giant) started striving harder to provide even higher quality results to its users. This response is not to the old and time test methods of spamming but in fact it covers the topic of content farms. People have started making content farms, increasing their site rankings by link these farms later on. Matt Cutts just mentioned that this time Google would take into account a lot of factors instead of just few factors, which would make the analysis would be even more comprehensive.
Google has also taken notice of the sites showing up in top results without any original content in it. This might include in the near future the re-writing trend which has been a real upsetting thing for the original content writers who just hate re-written content. This also means for me that the demands of the employers for announcing new content writing jobs will get more strict as they would want higher quality content that doesn't look like re-written content from any angle to a search engine. Well many people say that these are just temporary steps and spammers will upgraded themselves. But being a content writer and genuine believer in providing original content to the readers, i strongly support this step by Google and sincerely hope that it brings a new trend where spammers start realizing the fact that they can't cheat the engine any more and if they have to compete, they will have to go by the fair way to succeed.
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