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Friday, August 13, 2010

Knowing SEO in Real Sense

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means marketing according to search engines. I guess t sounds much easier now. Well here goes, SEO main idea is to select most appropriate keywords which clearly define your business website or blog keeping in mind the keywords that you select should not be a general keyword, in fact, select as specific as you can.

For example:

Footwear is a generic term and it might have millions of competitor waiting for you to step in and to be crushed. So, try using more specific like shoes, may be less competition but much less than footwear. Well, let’s be more specific and narrow down our thinking. What did you thought now? Right, let’s use branded shoes. Now we have more narrowed keyword for your footwear website and much less competition to survive among them.

You can also attach few more keywords to be more specific and to lead the ways among footwear companies like leather made shoes, high heel shoes, snake skin shoes, designer shoes, brand new shoes, cheap shoes and so on you can make.

After this post you are now ready to make narrowed keyword and now the question arises, what’s the importance of narrowing down the keyword? Good question.

Well let’s hear it one by one:

1. Narrowing down your keyword will make your website more competitive in that specific keyword.

2. Your website meets less competition at that keyword.

3. Your website due to good use of the keyword may rank in top positions in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

4. Last but not the least; you can capture more quickly the online market by capturing these small narrowed keywords as compared to generic keywords.

Well this was it from my side; let’s have something from your side as well. Give your valued opinions regarding my post or suggestions. You are always welcomed.

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