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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Caffeine and New SEO Techniques

Caffeine is to clean up the mess on the internet. With Google Caffeine changes beginning to roll out over the past few months. Perverted links are no longer containing the weight they used to have in the previous years. This isn't a regular shift in SEO world but this change is taking place drastically on a very large scale.

Initially the infrastructure of Google Caffeine is set and it's a matter of observing and testing datasets now. It has capability of quicker, more resourceful indexing and fresh content rising much faster to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Which in my opinion is marvelous job done by Google.

While Google has been always trying to make significant progress in spotting and eliminating systematic "cheaters" that are hard to disclose, so these modification in Google algorithm are more than a line drawn in the sand for them. Black Hat techniques like hidden text, unnatural keyword density and those comma separated lists are being heavily penalized. That is for sure that the buying and selling of links will continue, but as the masses catch on to the recent ineffectiveness of these practices it is expected clients will decrease.

If you follow Google's patent activity, there's been some interesting recent activity in the area of phrase-based indexing. This phrase based indexing might give us a clue to what webmasters are witnessing as significant traffic drops relating to "long-tail keywords" and this is because Google Caffeine remains so tight lipped on the roll out, everything is a best guess for us.

According to Matt Cutts, Google Caffeine and the old Google are alike in visibility but actually if we go for the comparison websites set up to provide side-by-side comparisons between the old and new Google algorithm, you will find it funny thing that when I visit these sites now I can't seem to see any differentiation between the "old" and the "new" anymore.

Due to Google Caffeine changes webmasters have taken significant steps to restructure their site maps of the websites along with a few notable homepage and navigation tweaks aimed at opening up logical "crawling channels" to provide Google Bots with fresh and unique rich content in as few clicks as possible. Google loves aggregating map information and not enough sites are taking advantage of this.

So, do some brainstorming regarding fresh content, good navigation, good load time and more to survive within the changing algorithms of Google.

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