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Monday, November 15, 2010

Internet is transforming lives and making people richer!

It is cent percent true that internet is transforming people’s lives in several ways all around the world but is it making more individuals richer as compared to non-users? I think most of us will say “yes”, because internet has provided has so many opportunities that can be used in multiple ways. Today I am going to talk about few of those ways which have proved themselves quite reliable and valid for making money.

Innovation and money (A winning combination)

World Wide Web revolution has created numerous opportunities to establish small online businesses which didn’t exist before. A small entrepreneur can start his online business with little amount of money such as hold something innovative and creative to display to world. For example; dress designing. You can involve other folks also by asking them to prepare designs for you; pool a competition and which design attract more to customers, start manufacturing it.

In this way, hardly few percent chances are left that your business will go bust because you are producing what customers will like for sure. With a physical set up of a shop or mall, you have quite limited access to people but with internet you can have customers not only across the country but from all over the world. All that matters you will have to be innovative and rest people will take care of your revenues.

Consistency for growth

Business through internet or online business is not at all an isolated form of set up; it also depends upon the repute of your business and the average usage of internet by your target customers. Internet provides a larger platform for online businesses as it brings online shoppers across the national boundaries. Hardly few percent of sound entrepreneurs (with physical setup) are taking active part in commerce growth but individuals who are involved in e-commerce are generating more revenue for economic growth of a country and this trend of being internet retailer is keep on growing as the sales increase.

Online business is quite easy to start with few individuals and as turnover increases more people can be included in it. I want to make one important point over here that it is not true that you will start your business and just signing one deal will make you millionaire over night, this concept is very wrong with online money making strategy. This business also needs your time, consistency, efforts and hard work and then it will be a fruitful opportunity for you.

Time saving option

No matter if you are not interested in being an entrepreneur, internet world is also helpful in several other ways that open up other income generating opportunities. If you have passed out your college recently, what is your favorite time pass? Internet, internet, internet. Aren’t you looking for a good opportunity where you can get job and will move into your professional life?

Internet gives us wonderful opportunities to email our CV anywhere to find work in response to online advertisements. Day is too short and opportunities around you are multiple, how you can manage to drop your CV everywhere you want? Internet is the easier opportunity to look opportunities on the web than moving from one employment agency to another. It is wonderful time saving option for all of us.

Cultural Shift
Internet growth has transformed everything around us, not even just the way how we interact with each other but it is casting its magic in every single sector of our lives. Several years ago did you think that you will get your oven-hot pizza at home quite quickly? May be you have thought so, but I hope you have not thought to have quick access to huge information, do your banking online, booking theater or movie tickets online, make your flight reservation online and even poling your opinion about any official matter. Isn’t it so?

Administrative and clerical sort of tasks that used to take hours at offices are done now in few minutes, this time which you are saving now in this way can be consumed at many other places. This is due to internet which is helping you personally to get richer in countless minor ways and let you end up to something really big. Internet has opened up a new world for us by making things easier, cheaper and quicker than early times because it has reduced “the transaction cost” of doing business (according to economists’ terms).

It can be briefly said now that internet has helped people to become richer and few of them really wealthy folks.

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